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Classique Mint for Trillian by euphoricallydead Classique Mint for Trillian by euphoricallydead
Classique: Mint for Trillian 3.x
[ Green/Silver Version ]

Created to match Emma's Classique: Mint visual style (shown in screenshot).
Be sure to :+fav: if you like it.

Styles available in this series:
Classique: LeMix
Classique: Limeade
Classique: Mint
Classique: Tango
Classique: Windows

Check out my other Trillian skins:
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Black Out: Electric for Trillian (Blue)
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Watercolor Emico: Ergo Blue for Trillian
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Watercolor Emico: Washed Black for Trillian

Extract to your Trillian\skins folder.

Release Notes:
Several of my pet peeves were addressed with this skin.
- Tabbed container’s internal window size matches internal window size.
- Resizable status button is skinned separately.
- Added some comments to settings.ini.
- SliceWidth's are auto calculated in settings.ini.
- Increase the tab height. Adjusted tab text positioning.
- Minimal skin panel headers are not cropped.
- My Contacts is not ...

Thank you Emma for granting permission to release my matching skins for Trillian.

Thank you Kid @ DesignHazard for stixe.
Thank you Cerulean Studios for Trillian.
Scream81 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
I hope you will skin again for astra, like I said in your other DA page
KingSky Featured By Owner May 19, 2009
Oh man this is a beautiful skin.

Any chance you're working on an Astra update? Overall it works pretty great but there are a few small bugs :) Of course.
euphoricallydead Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
I have been suffering through converting the Black Out skin to Astra. It is proving to be a real battle. I'm still stuck on issues like the message colors being hard coded. I will post the skins on DeviantArt when they are complete. Then I can work on porting my other skins like this one. No ETA at the moment.
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October 19, 2008
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